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>> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> an historic win for the ravens this christmas eve. i am deborah weiner. it was an early christmas gift for the fans as they manhandled cleveland. pete gilbert joins us with more
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on what this means. >> they did not clinch a home around -- home game in the first round. they proved they could get the job done it home. they went 8-0 at home this season. they held the browns off. it was out of the box quickly for the ravens. it was his fifth touchdown reception of the season. a gorgeous sideline pass to rice. 42 yards, 17-0. the browns rallied. joshua is always a threat. he is strong and fast. he goes 84 yards. 20-7. now 20-14. joe flacco gets taylor to jump
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offside. it was a bone-headed play that sealed the ravens win. >> it is a tremendous accomplishment. credit goes to the players first, the coaches, but it also goes to our fans. since the ravens came to baltimore and in my experience in the last quarter years, there's not a better stadium in the league. >> as far as playoff scenarios, we will talk about that later in sports. now we go to the stadium where kim dacey has been hanging out with a bunch of happy ravens fans. >> they are very excited about the win. they are already looking towards the post season. >> ravens all the way! .
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>> excited fans streamed out of the stadium after the big win over the cleveland browns. >> the team played real well. i am all for it. >> they did real good in the third and fourth quarter but we pulled through. >> the fans are ready to up for the final regular-season game against cincinnati next week. they are confident they can keep the momentum going. >> it is a challenge. whipping cincinnati at home. they have something to prove. -- we are playing cincinnati at home. they have something to prove. we will play hard and win again. >> i did not think we could beat them. that is cincinnati. what do we have to worry about? >> the fans are setting their sights on indianapolis. >> it is reminiscent of 2000 all over again. super bowl champions then and now. we're going to do it.
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ravens! >> this was the last regular- season home game. the fans are saying they are looking forward to coming back in the postseason. kim dacey for wbal-tv 11 news. >> pete will have more on today's win and what it means for the run to the playoffs later in sports. on this christmas eve, we go to see santa checking his list. they are getting into the spirit in white marsh would jump shows his ravens -- where jim shows his ravens pride. we invite you to send your pictures to ulocal. >> major changes happening across the mid-atlantic. there is a joke outside.
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-- there is a chill outside. the fans at ravens stadium had all of their winter gear on. you will need it tonight. a storm is brewing in texas bringing snow to the western panhandle. it is unbelievable that is where it is selling rather than anywhere else in the country. bwi marshall has light wind out of the west. we will see mostly clear skies and dry for santa's sleigh. it will be in the 30's and the downtown area. the full forecast is coming up. >> the rush is on to get last- minute gifts under the tree. if you are a procrastinator, you are not alone. millions hit the malls today searching for the final gift to make the holiday break. >> it is the most wonderful time of the year -- unless you have
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not finished your christmas shopping. >> i woke up and was really nervous. i ran out the door and decided to put a target. >> the mad dash began before dawn at stores across this great land of ours. for some, there is a method to the small madness -- mall madness. >> chances are if you waited to the last minute, you will get terrific deals. >> this year, a small electronics are a big hit. air jordans are flying off the shelf. unless you have the reflexes of a professional athlete, chances are you are out of luck. president obama did his shopping during the week and then went away to be with the family after the whole running the government and passing laws thing. back to the last-minute shoppers. here's a public-service announcement. seriously, people. were you thinking someone would just come magically drop gifts
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down your chimney? >> coming up, the search continues for the missing toddler from maine. the latest on the investigation and the desperate plea from family members. >> we think so highly of him and what he has done. >> honoring the man who left his fortune to help others. we will take you to a special ceremony to commemorate john
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> the search continues for a missing toddlers disappeared from her father's home in maine one week ago. her father put her to bed at his
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home last friday. the next morning, she was gone without a trace. top prosecutors have been called in to help with the investigation. the command post has been set up. the little girl's family is pleading for safe return. >> and just want it all to end. i want this nightmare to be done and over with. >> investigators say the little girl was staying with her father while her mother was in rehab. police have no suspects. they say both parents have cooperated with the investigation. thousands of demonstrators are protesting against election fraud across russia today. as many as 50,000 people rallied in central moscow, a signal that outrage is growing over prime minister vladimir putin's 12- year rule. the call for new elections will likely be ignored by russian leaders. similar rallies were held in st. petersburg and other parts of
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the country. here he is. he has been so busy. you have been adjusting your red tie. you look great. what a great day. >> the game got off to a great start. we will break it all down, coming up in sports. >> we have seen a significant drop in the temperatures in the last couple of days. there may be a warm-up for christmas day. we will talk about that with the forecast. here is a live look outdoors at the stadium. it is 44
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>> it was a hero's welcome at this home as a maryland soldier returns from iraq. the parents of army national guard specialist decorated their yard to welcome him home. the decorations included pictures and banners of their sun after being deployed for over year. dozens gathered to memorialize the man who left his name and fortune to launch one of the world's most prestigious institution. staff, faculty, alumni, and supporters of the john hopkins university and hospital marked the 130th anniversary of his death. mr. hawkins died on this day back in 1873 leading $7 million in his will to establish university and hospital that bears his name. at that time, it was the nation's largest philanthropic request that many benefit from down to this day. >> educated people created new
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knowledge and helped keep people healthy and make people who are sick go better. >> the friends of john hopkins society has been marking the occasion since 1973. that was then the 100th anniversary of his death. >> here is your 11 insta-weather forecast. >> we have seen a significant drop in temperatures. we were close to the 60's at the end of last week. now temperatures are in the 40's and 30's. we hit a 45-degree high at bwi. have dropped down to 37. it is even colder toward the west. it is 28 in oakland. these temperatures are closer to where we should be this time of year. we have said goodbye to the mild weather. it looks like temperatures will continue to drop tonight. we're under mostly clear skies.
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there may be passing clouds this evening. it is dry for santa. he will probably appreciate that. the snow might help cushion his landing. he will not have that, but at least know about whether to contend with. we're expecting temperatures to drop to 35 downtown and the mid- 20s in the suburbs. the wind will be like out of the southeast tonight. i know a lot of people were hoping to get snow for christmas. at least if there is no snow, we will have drier weather. the roads were drive for last- minute shoppers. there will be no problems on the roads tomorrow. it will be chilly around 29 west of downtown. by the afternoon, it will reach a high of 50 degrees. a few clouds will start to push in towards the afternoon. overall, we're looking for dry weather. i want to point out how drastic
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the weather has been in christmas past. the low temperature was 1983. 1964 was the warmest with a high of 72. we have clouds to the south. high pressure is in control of bringing quiet whether to the east. we're watching for the next series of storms coming in from the south. the current system will bring heavy rain to east texas. they can definitely use it after the drought this year. we have snow falling in the panhandle of texas. this storm will be lifting east in the next few days. that was the potential storm we were talking about. it will stay to the south. we will get increasing clouds. another storm system will come out of the south on tuesday. that could bring heavy rain and may be snow to the mountains. temperatures will stay in the 40's throughout the week. >> from the susquehanna based sports center, this is 11 sports. >> the ravens made it 13 straight wins coming off a loss.
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it shows the effectiveness of the coaching staff. you cannot let the badness snowball. there were plenty of teachable moments after the victory over cleveland. he was not able to remain the starting quarterback for cleveland. they were off and running. the first offensive play. joe is showing off. 65 yards in that air force smith. he cannot hang on. mike adams sets up flacco. 18 touchdown passes for the season. flacco to ray rice. to do it better, he would have to hand out gift cards. it was better. 17-0. just before the half, he calls for a run on the 5 yard line. the clock runs out. that is going to be tough to explain to the boss.
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17-0 at the break. that is what we call shermer face. cleveland digs into the stocking and does find a price. they take advantage of the coverage breakdown. he does 84 yards for the touchdown. it is the third touchdown the ravens have allowed this year. ravens respond. the targeted for times and connected none today. in the fourth quarter, the browns are still coming. wallace is on the run. he is out is best. moore secure a touchdown. -- for a touchdown. ravens win 20-14.
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>> it is a big day next week. it is no secret. we know each other. they did what they were supposed to do. we did what we were supposed to do today. everybody did what they were supposed to do today. next week boils down to a big week for a ready. >> everybody took care of business. that means if the ravens win next week, they own at worst the two seed and a buy. tom brady did what tom brady does. posting the dolphins, miami was on fire. 17-0 dolphins of the break. the patriots all the way back. brady with a one-yard plunge. the fins scored to make it interesting. brady clinched the victory. the patriots keep their grasp on
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the one seed for now. ben is out with an injury. charlie is getting to start. st. louis is in town. the steelers are trying to keep pace with the ravens. not a bad idea. 10-0, steelers. mike wallace gets behind the defense. they were down at the one. 13-0 with pittsburgh in the league. we will stay in the fourth quarter. timmons is the job done. clemmons did not do well. the steelers win 27-0. the ravens remain ahead of pittsburgh. they have not clinched it yet. if the ravens win next week, at worst, they are the two-c. >> we will have another check of the insta-weather forecast.
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>> at 11:00, millions of the faithful prepare to celebrate the birth of christ with midnight mass. we will take to celebrations at home and at the vatican. a special celebration for a maryland family after another gives her daughter the gift of life. that part warming story tonight. the gop presidential hopefuls will be absent from the ballot in one state on super
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>> it is a look at the 7-day forecast. we will have cold temperatures in the morning around 29 to start. we will be in the 50's in the afternoon with plenty sunshine. the next chance for rain will be tuesday. i feel like we look like a holiday performance tonight. >> we should take a picture. >> that is it for
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>> this is an editorial from president and general manager dan joerres. >> he calls himself the voice of reason. all this called ron smith a friend. he spent most of his life with the wbal family. first is a tv news anchor between 1973 and 1980. after a brief break from broadcasting working as a stockbroker, he returned to wbal in radio in 1985. he began a new career as a talk- show host. he had no problem taking on both political parties. he succeeded by staying on top of local and national politics and politicians. he stood firm on his principles even if the listeners did not agree. as a former marine, many assumed he would support the war in iraq. he did not. he brought laws it -- logic and
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reason to his opposition to both wars in iraq. this year, he criticized the action in libya. he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in october. he discontinue treatment and retired. he loved what he did and knew how much he was to have a chance to spend so much of his life pursuing it. the voice of reason may have been silenced, but the lessons he taught i miss that guy with all my heart. we shared classes together, we survived the lectures, and we took the tests and we told the jokes. but now i must look at the empty desk with an empty heart, unable to rest. while all the other kids laugh and play, i'll only remember that one day, when my best friend jeff was taken away. i love you, jeff.
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